Mar 15, 2024
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Hotel Belvedere: The Historic Abandoned Hotel of the Swiss Alps

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Nestled in a bend of the winding road ascending to the Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps is the Hotel Belvedere. A historic building that, despite its abandonment and decay, retains an aura of charm and mystery, making it a place of worship for photography and history enthusiasts.

Close-up of the Hotel Belvedere

Close-up of the Hotel Belvedere


Advertisement for the Hotel Belvedere from 1912

Advertisement for the Hotel Belvedere from 1912

Constructed in 1882 by the architect Josef Seiler, the original Hotel Belvedere boasted 90 rooms and enjoyed great popularity among travelers venturing through this mountain pass. Its strategic location, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Rhone Glacier and the surrounding mountains, made it an ideal place to enjoy the alpine landscape.

The Hotel Belvedere witnessed some of the most significant moments in the history of the Furka Pass. In 1964, it appeared in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger,” gaining international fame. However, the hotel closed its doors in 1982 due to the construction of a new tunnel diverting traffic from the original road.

Since its closure, the Hotel Belvedere has remained abandoned and in a state of disrepair. Nevertheless, its peculiar melancholic beauty has attracted thousands of photographers and visitors seeking to capture the essence of a bygone era. The building, with its boarded-up windows, weathered facade, and mountainous surroundings, has been the setting for numerous photoshoots, music videos, and even short films.

A Mysterious and Evocative Place

The Hotel Belvedere with the Rhone Glacier in the background

The Hotel Belvedere with the Rhone Glacier in the background

The abandonment of the Hotel Belvedere has created an aura of mystery and fascination around it. Some visitors claim to have felt strange presences inside the building, while others believe it is inhabited by ghosts. These stories, combined with the hotel’s decadent beauty, have made it an irresistible destination for lovers of the paranormal and the unknown.

An Uncertain Future

In recent years, there have been several attempts to restore the Hotel Belvedere and return it to its former glory. However, so far, no project has come to fruition. Despite its current condition, the Hotel Belvedere remains an iconic landmark of the Furka Pass, a symbol of the fascinating history of the Swiss Alps, and one of the most photographed spots on the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Nonetheless, the future of the Hotel Belvedere remains uncertain. It is unknown whether it will eventually be restored or if it will remain as a vestige of the past.

Hotel Belvedere in Google Maps

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